County council needs the public’s attention

First Posted: 9:09 am - June 16th, 2015

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County Council, if anything, is made up a diverse and unique group of people. We have our spenders and our savers and our wannabees. The wannabees are tough group. They want what they want, without purposeful thought. They make comments that one would think, did I hear that right.

They blame others, take no responsibility, and certainly don’t like it when others on the council ask them to be accountable for their own personal votes and actions.

Closed mindlessness is a prerequisite for being a wannabee. The ability to appear you are listening, the firm decisiveness to dismiss all interruptions and comments that have nothing to do with what the wannabee wants. All this will lead us to a very rocky year and half when again the wannabees will be out of a job.

I’m sure they will be commenting to anyone who will listen, I can’t believe they voted me out. Indeed we will vote you out without as much as the sound of a gavel. A beat of the heart and you will be gone.

Fairfield County citizens are sick and tired of the same old nonsense and political comradeship. We don’t want a budget without accountability and defined accomplishment. When will we actually get that or hear the vision of this council in unison? Time will tell. In the meantime, it’s a free for all at the council chamber where no respect is expected for anyone with the courage to question any of the wannabees decisions.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello



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