It’s time to step up

First Posted: 12:01 pm - November 20th, 2015

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How could there be a time in our history when courage is looked upon as politically wrong, and activism is censored to be disruptive. Isn’t it time we asked ourselves what’s going on? When will they pull their heads out of the sand? When did the same old thing become good enough?

Where is the great and greatness of our nation? Never mind in our community. Where are the honorable people? Where are the facts and the truth? Why don’t they speak up and why is the silent minority now a majority?

We have seasons in time. Things change, life goes on and it’s our job, our duty, as humans to see that things improve each season, not deteriorate.

Step up and ask: What you can do for your community? Don’t ask what has your community done for you without your contributions. Nothing will be the answer.

This “sit back and let someone else” mentality is not working and certainly has never worked. The complaining and pointing fingers at others who are at the very least stepping up is not working either.

You reading this right now, you are the person I am trying to engage. You and me and others together we can if we try improve things. Certainly we can make huge difference in what we are living with today.

But, only if you care with more than your mouth, more than your opinion. You will need to step up and prove to yourself that at least you are doing your part and not depending on others to do or, say what you know is right.

We need you. Without you, the silent majority unfortunately will remain silent and little if anything will change.

Step up, volunteer, ask how you can help. You’ll be surprised how much we need your assistance.

We don’t care if you graduated college with top honors or, flunked out of high school. If you managed to have a productive life, we need you.

The Children of this community need you. The elderly and the rest of us need you to step up, and be part of the solution.

The problems are obvious, the solutions are not insurmountable. They are just presently devoid of voices.

The School System needs mentors and people to be engaged. The County Council needs input and advice on what really needs improvement. The Police need Crime watch information. The list is long.

Do you want to see improvement or decline? It’s your choice. I have already chosen.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello



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