Fairfield Magnet School for Math & Science

First Posted: 3:06 am - December 24th, 2015

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Ms. Mendenhall – second grade

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like a new phone and a gift card so I can buy an EZ Bake Oven, a bubble gum machine, new shoes.


Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a big box of Legos, a small iPhone, ice cream maker, and a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas?


Dear Santa,

I don’t celebrate Christmas but my teacher does. She has been the best teacher. Please give her what she wants. She wants a Dooney & Bourke purse, a black Micheal Kors watch, and a new kitchen table.


Dear Santa,

I want a toy that shoots balls, a Xbox 1, 2K 16, and a Madden 16. I also want a basketball and to see Cam Newton at a Panthers game.


Dear Santa,

I’ve been ok so I’m hoping that you will bring me something for Christmas. Santa I want some dolls, Frozen toys, a cash register and some things for my family because they don’t have much. That’s it! See you later Santa!


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want an iPhone 6, an American Girl doll, a trampoline, a lead pencil, a diary with a locket, a make-up kit, slushy maker, and a bag of candy. P.S. I live in Winnsboro. Thank you, Grace.


Dear Santa,

My name is Katelyn. May I have an iPhone, an iPad, red lipstick, and one of those puppies that comes with the magic wand. P.S. I live in Ridgeway. Have a nice day Santa.


Dear Santa,

I believe in you! This Christmas, I would like an iPhone 6, a tablet, and some money for my mom. I hope that you can get me a case for my phone. I also would like a cotton candy machine, a dry erase board with some markers to go with it.


Dear Santa,

This is Christopher and for Christmas I want a golf cart, a remote controlled car and that’s all. My brother wants a Power Wheel. I will make you some cookies.


Dear Santa,

My name is Geonia. I have not been on my best behavior but I will from now on. Can you bring me 257 books, a doll baby, and a new red bookbag? P.S. I will give you lots of cookies.

Your BFF Geonia

Dear Santa,

I am Aaron. Can you please give me a diary, a light saver, a Snacky, and a bin of Christmas cookies to share with my family. I would like a lead pencil, a word search book and also a few dollars to give my mom.


Dear Santa,

I have not been very good but I want an iPhone, a mini bike, a Lego set, a Ninja Turtle wallet and $1,989 for my mom and dad to get a new house. I will give you some cookies and I will be good for the rest of the school year.


Dear Saint Nick,

My name is Ethan. You probably know me right? I want a DS, boxing gloves, PS4, Lego Dimensions, a turtle and a mask so that I can put the mask on the turtle so that he can be a Ninja Turtle. Oh, I want the mask to be red. P.S. I will give you 1 million cookies!!


Dear Santa,

My name is Sidney. I am not good but I will be good now. What I would like is a bulldog, new Legos and finally, I would like the movie Antman. Will you get that Santa?


Dear Santa,

My name is AuNaiyah. I live in Winnsboro, S.C. I know that I have not been the best girl ever but can you please get me an iPhone 6 and an iPad? Can you please make them in your workshop? Thank you and have a nice day. I will leave you some cookies.


Dear Santa,

My name is Jada. What I want for Christmas is an American Girl doll, cotton candy maker, a Frozen castle, and a popcorn maker. My most favorite thing is a trampoline and an iPhone 6.


Dear Santa,

My name is Aaliyah, I live in Carlisle, SC and this is what I want for Christmas. I want an iPhone 6, a new tablet, and a big, pretty, pink and purple dollhouse that dolls can fit in. Then I want Orbees Crush, and a doll that can eat playdough. Most of all Santa, I want you to bring my teacher a new car. Thank you Santa. I will put a plate of cookies and milk on my kitchen table.


Dear Santa,

My name is Sa’Mariyah. I live in Blythewood and I have been good. For Christmas I want a New Yorkee puppy, some nails, my own play store, and an Olaf Icee maker.


Dear Santa,

My name is Sebastian. Can you stop by my mom’s house on Christmas Day and my Papa’s house? I want a Batman, a Superman, a Light Saver, an iPad, a Ninja Turtle mask, a hamster, a Ninja Turtle action figure and a hair dryer for my mom. P.S. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.




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