Bank teller charged with breach of trust

By Lucas Vance lvance@civitasmedia.com

May 6, 2014

WINNSBORO — A bank teller at Winnsboro’s Wells Fargo branch was recently arrested for four counts of breach of trust with fraudulent intent.

Brandon Mathis was arrested April 5 and was released the same day on four personal recognizance bonds totaling $8,000.

Complainants and victims have claimed in Winnsboro Public Safety incident reports that someone was stealing money out of their accounts.

Wells Fargo’s Corporate Executive Communications Officer Josh Dunn stated that Mathis is no longer a team member and advised The Herald Independent that the bank is cooperating with an ongoing investigation.

“We continue to work with authorities to resolve the situation, but I cannot comment directly on the case because it is a police matter,” he said.

Dunn noted that Wells Fargo customers are protected against any fraudulent activity.

“We (Wells Fargo) will do everything we can or necessary to make those accounts whole if there was indeed fraudulent activity,” he stated.

Mathis’ term of employment was not specifically identified, but Dunn did say Mathis is longer employed with Wells Fargo.

Dunn could not comment on any employee’s background because of confidentiality reasons, but emphasized that every new team member does go through a thorough background check.

If customers are concerned about account activity, Dunn recommended some precautions they can take to prevent fraud.

“There are numerous ways to contact Wells Fargo either online, visiting a store and connecting with a manager or talking with someone on the phone,” he advised. “Certainly utilizing any of those can assist a customer and if there is any fraudulent activity on any customer’s account and is reported to us in a timely manner, those customers are made whole and are protected from fraudulent activity.”

Dunn noted that fraudulent actions by tellers are a rare occurrence.

“We certainly have expectations of our team members and if there is any type of unethical or illegal activity, we do work with authorities to resolve situations like this,” he said.

After Mathis’ arrest on April 4, a victim stated in an incident report — filed on April 11 — that she believed someone was taking money out of her account as well.

Over a four-month period of time, her account balance started at $14,000, but as of March 24 there was only $2,800 in the account.

According to the incident report, she confronted the bank and a manager told her that she took the money out. Stating that was untrue, the victim was given a three-month printout of account activity and filed a police report with the help of a lawyer.

Concerned customers can call 1-800-869-3557 to check the status of their account and speak with a Wells Fargo representative about possible fraudulent activity.