Community gathers for direction in “New Beginnings”

By Lucas Vance lvance@civitasmedia.com

March 27, 2014

WINNSBORO — Many community, business and faith based leaders gathered together Friday to continue Fairfield County’s “New Beginnings” at a strategic networking luncheon.

Held quarterly, the luncheon was host to business representatives, local and state elected officials, school administrators and local pastors.

Fairfield County liaison Jackie Workman played off the theme “New Beginnings,” to expand on her role in placing Fairfield County citizens in the work force to help better the community.

Working in partnership with CBI, SCANA, the Construction Training Center, Kraft Foods, Element Electronics and Midlands Technical College (just to name a few), Workman provides a direct link to individuals who are searching for jobs or job training.

She is responsible for raising awareness and informing citizens about the employment opportunities that are available.

“I enjoy my job and helping people connect to ways to better themselves,” Workman stated.

She is primarily responsible for connecting residents to entry level, skill and professional jobs.

Workman also raises awareness for training and career opportunities at Midlands Technical College, training and certification at the Quick Jobs Center and training offered at the Construction Training Center.

Workman encouraged the assembly to focus on the positive trends in Fairfield County and pointed out the “New Beginnings,” as it relates to superintendent J.R. Green and interim county administrator Milton Pope.

“I’ve worked closely with Mr. Green on several goals and I’ve stolen his motto of ‘Excellence through Teamwork’, which I really believe in,” she said. “I always say he (Green) is a tool that has been placed in Fairfield County to move the school district forward.”

Green is finishing his second year on the job and Pope is closing in on completing his first year.

Workman informs job seekers of openings in the county and assists in completing applications for employments.

She noted that most profiles will take only 25 minutes to set up.

Workman currently has a list of 1,400 craft job seekers and 75 professional job seekers.

Both of those numbers increased from 150 and 25 respectively since last year.

Fairfield County councilman Kamau Marcharia was also in attendance after having open heart surgery just three weeks prior.

“I’m happy to be here and I’m feeling good,” he said.

County council chairman David Ferguson is pleased with new industry locating in the county and is hopeful the expanded job market will continue to create additional economic development.

“This is a great day to be in Fairfield County,” he said. “We’ve got new jobs in the county and we’re trying our best to bring a better life to the people of this county.”