Collapse raises questions

January 21, 2014

The recent Drawdy Park wall collapse begs many questions:

A. Why are the final costs running over budget by about $50,000 when factoring in the cost of the required fencing and the hauling of the dirt?

B. Why was this dangerous site, which obviously required much remediation selected in the first place?

C. Did S2 win a bid on this project or was it merely “assigned” the project as noted in the newspaper?

D. Why is rain named as the culprit when no other structural damage was reported in the area during the “heavy rains?”

E. Did the government and vendor teams assigned to the project not realize that South Carolina often experiences heavy rain periods?

F. What investigations have been initiated to ensure this dangerous and expensive situation is not repeated?

G. Will there be consequences for the responsible parties?

Randy Bright