V.C. Summer presents annual check — for $25.7M

Lucas Vance Staff Writer

January 19, 2014

WINNSBORO — Just three weeks removed from Christmas, Santa came in January as well for Fairfield County, as county officials gathered at the treasurer’s office Wednesday to meet with representatives from the V.C. Summer nuclear plant to receive a check for $25.7 million.

The check was for payment of property tax, which is presented each year formally to the county. Last year, SCANA paid $23.4 million in property tax.

V.C. Summer has been in operation since 1984 and employs roughly 800 SCE&G employees and contractors. The two new reactors are projected to generate between 600 to 800 permanent jobs.

The SCANA corporation and its subsidiaries, including SCE&G, paid approximately $169 million in property taxes in South Carolina for property assessed in 2013.

The largest single tax payment was made to Lexington County in the amount of $32.1 million. Other significant payments included Richland County with $30.6 million, Charleston County with $14.6 million and Orangeburg County at $12 million.

SCE&G spokesperson Eric Boomhower stated that the annual ceremony is a part of being a good neighbor to Fairfield County and that the tax payments play a critical role in county services.

“These dollars help support, schools, police, fire and other critical public services,” Boomhower noted. “This money has a significant impact in the communities we serve.”

The treasurer’s allocation report broke down the county’s $10.6 million share with $7.4 million going into the general fund and $1 million going to emergency medical services. Fairfield County School District received $15 million.

County Council Chairman David Ferguson said the property tax money paid by SCANA is key part of the county’s success and that SCE&G is always helpful and willing to contribute to the needs of Fairfield County.

“This is what helps keep our county running,” he stated. “SCE&G has been a wonderful neighbor to us and a huge asset. “They’ve always helped us in other ways like contributing when we need special contributions trying to get industry into Fairfield County. The future is bright for Fairfield County as long as we keep doing what we’re doing by bringing jobs in to Fairfield County and this certainly helps us do that.”

SCE&G is a regulated public utility that generates, transmits and distributes the sale of electricity to approximately 675,000 customers in South Carolina.