SCE&G provides grant for new equipment at hospital

Lucas Vance Staff Writer

December 22, 2013

Lucas Vance

Staff Writer

WINNSBORO — Fairfield Memorial Hospital Foundation was recently the recipient of a grant from SCE&G. With the $2,500 grant, the FMH Foundation provided the emergency department with a portable vital signs monitor.

The grant’s full amount was enough to supply the monitor in whole with no additional costs. It sits on wheels and increases the efficiency of staff to measure, record and store essential health information. Recordings will include blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and oxygen levels.

Dawn Catalano, executive director of the FMH Foundation, was happy to couple the foundation’s effort with SCE&G to supply the emergency department with a tool to increase the hospital’s care and efficiency.

“Because of this generous donation from SCE&G we are able to further our mission to help the hospital, its patients and the community,” she said.

Catalano said the new machine will help nurses reduce the amount of time spend on one patient and allow them to treat more patients in the allotted time. Portability will help the emergency staff to assess and monitor patient health status more quickly. The portable vital signs monitor not only will take vital signs, but store each recording as well for future reference.

The FMH emergency department receives 11,000 patient visits annually, which is an average of 30 visits per day.