Fairfield School District’s first day of school

By Lucas Vance

August 24, 2013

Tiffany Herndon helps her son, Trevon, with his backpack.

Principal Dr. Chandra Bell welcomes students as they get off the bus and walk into McCrorey-Liston School for Technology.

Principal Dr. Chandra Bell, left, and Assistant Principal Dr. Regina McFarlan-Price, right, make up the leadership team at MLST.

Gregory Weldon Sr., left, and Santara Dye, right, escorted kindergartener Gregory Weldon III, middle left, and second grader Santeonnica Weldon, middle right, to their classrooms at Fairfield Elementary.

School Resource Officer Truesdale takes time to welcome an elementary student to Kelly Miler.

Shelia Picket, middle, escorted her daughters to class on their first day of school at KME along with their uncle Vernon Kennedy, right.

Kelly Miller Elementary teacher Robin Gaither, left, welcomes a student on her first day of school.

Excited about the first day of school at Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science, this student watches her classmates settle in.