Optima Towers IV, LLC proposes to construct a 250-foot self-supp...

Optima Towers IV, LLC proposes to construct a 250-foot self-supporting lattice telecommunications structure (265-foot overall height with appurtenances). The structure would be located at Arrowhead Road, Winnsboro, Fairfield County, South Carolina, Tax Parcel ID 076-00-00-001-000. The tower is anticipated to have FAA Style E (L-864/L-865/L-810) lighting.Optima Towers IV, LLC invites comments from any interested party on the impact the proposed undertaking may have on any districts, sites, buildings, structures or objects significant in American history, archaeology, engineering, or culture that are listed or determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Comments pertaining specifically to historic resources may be sent to Environmental Corporation of America, ATTN: Dina Bazzill, 1375 Union Hill Industrial Court, Suite A, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004. Ms. Bazzill can be reached at (770) 667-2040 ext. 111. Comments must be received within 30 days of the date of this notice. In addition, any interested party may also request further environmental review of the proposed action by notifying the FCC of the specific reasons that the action may have a significant impact on the quality of the human environment pursuant to 47 CFR Section 1.1307. This request must only raise environmental concerns and can be filed online using the FCC pleadings system or mailed to FCC Requests for Environmental Review, Attn: Ramon Williams, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554 within 30 days of the date that this notice is published. Instruction for filing an online Request for Environmental Review can be found at www.fcc.gov/asr/environmentalrequest. Refer to File No. A0906648 when submitting the request and to view the specific information about the proposed action.


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